Transformational Change

"We must not allow another's limited perspective of us; define us."
- Virginia Satir

"We must recover the utopian impulses, the hopefulness,
the appreciation of what is good, what is worth rescuing
in human civilization, as well as what must be rejected,
if the ecology movement is to play a transformative
and creative role in human affairs."
- Murray Bookchin

The Transformational Change Initiative: Beyond Sustainability explores the dynamic intersection of science, society, and ecology:

Beyond Sustainability
Adena Global
Consciousness and Reality

Ecology and Freedom
Singularity Studies
Deep Democracy
Global Brains and Minds
Nanontechnology and Biomimesis Scaling Project
Science Cafe

Science, Society and Transformational Change

The Transformative Impact of Nanotechnology

Introduction to Nanoscience, with Alan Alda:


Adena/Open Video Picks

Dr. Cornell West - Expressions of You Amy Goodman's "Other AMerica - With Bill Moyers You are the Future of Philanthropy... Judy Wicks - Good Morning Beautiful Business Janine Benyus - Biomimicry in Action Alan Alda - Introduction to Nanoscience Murray Bookchin Speaks Out - Towards an Ecological Society