Community Communications

"Once, when Bohr was accused of confusing
people with convoluted sentences, he replied
that one should not speak more clearly
than one can think. "
- Freeman Dyson


Open Media Working Group:
  • The Adena Center media collaborative.
  • Open News Net
  • Open Journalism
  • Open Media Centers Initiative
  • Community Communications Working Group
  • Design / Media Synergy Project

Certification in Community Communications
  • The Adena Center offers Certifications in Community Communications through a variety of learning opportunities.

The Spoken Word:
  • Dialogue and Conversation
  • Literature and Performance
  • Local/Global Conversations: The Electronic Cafe

Past Events:

  1. Social Networks, Community Media and Social Change: Monday, April 14, 12 - 2 pm, with Erik Hungerbuhler, E-Organizer, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Mike Foster, Director of Internet Marketing, Digital Business Solutions and David Silverman, Adena Center and the Open Journalism Project. At Adena Center. Location: Webster University, Galen Building, Zorn & River Rd, Louisville, KY USA (Directions)
  2. - Science Cafe: Cancer Predictors and Beyond: Friday Mar 28, 5:30 - 7:30 BLUE MOUTAIN COFFEE HOUSE, WINE & TAPAS BAR, 400 E. Main [opposite Slugger Field]
  3. -January 10, 2008: Become the Media: Sustainability, Politics and Community Journalism 2008 - The Legislative Session and Beyond -- with Tom Fitzgerald, Kentucky Resources Council, Jerry Hardt, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, and John Hicks, WXBH 92.7 FM
  4. -December 8, 2007: Community Journalism: Jim St. Clair, Jennifer Oladipo and John Hicks on News Crafting and the Art of the Interview for Community Media (Radio, TV, Web, Print) Production
  5. -December 6, 2007: An Evening With Jan Carew: A Celebration of Reading and Writing.
  6. -Fall - Winter 2007-2008, Wednesdays, Do-It-Yourself Radio: Community Radio Training with John Hicks and the volunteer staff of WXBH-FM.
  7. -November 1, 2007:Technology, Community, Opportunity: Digital Storytelling Comes of Age. Michael Caporale with Louisville Community Media Practitioners
  8. -Monday, October 30, 2006, 5:45 - 9:00 PM: Senator Tom Daschle on Politics, Science, Youth and Community: Straight talk on politics, science, social justice and sustainability at Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium, University of Louisville. Senator Daschel is Past Senate Majority Leader and Chair, Science and Technology, professor at Georgetown University, and a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress. Via Apple iChat Videoconference: Louisville, New York, Minnesota.

Adena/Open Video Picks

Dr. Cornell West - Expressions of You Amy Goodman's "Other AMerica - With Bill Moyers You are the Future of Philanthropy... Judy Wicks - Good Morning Beautiful Business Janine Benyus - Biomimicry in Action Alan Alda - Introduction to Nanoscience Murray Bookchin Speaks Out - Towards an Ecological Society