"Great minds discuss ideas;

Average minds discuss events;

Small minds discuss people."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

The Adena Center is engaged in a number of community based dialogue, research, learning and action initiatives for sustainability:

Open Living and Learning for Sustainability, the community collaborative learning network of the Program in Community Sustainability of the Adena Center.

Online Learning for Sustainability offered through Gaia Education. Click here to learn more

Certification in Sustainability:
The Adena Center offers Certification in Sustainability through a variety of learning opportunities.

Sustainable Louisville:
Stories and Resources for transitions to sustainability.

Sustainable Business and Community Networks Download the Brochure and take a look at the ongoing projects of this growing network of networks, including the semi-annual Green and Local Business Conference.

Sustainable Neighborhoods: Building local and global networks of neighborhoods learning our way towards sustainability. Sustainable Clift*n was the neighborhood ecovillage learning project of the Clifton Neighborhood in Louisville. You can see the project archives of this neighborhood's struggle towards sustainability at


Sustainability Living and Learning Series

Learning Opportunities through Adena at Webster and Open Learning.Printable December 2007 Sustainability and Communications Events Schedule Download

Adena/Open Video Picks

Dr. Cornell West - Expressions of You Amy Goodman's "Other AMerica - With Bill Moyers You are the Future of Philanthropy... Judy Wicks - Good Morning Beautiful Business Janine Benyus - Biomimicry in Action Alan Alda - Introduction to Nanoscience Murray Bookchin Speaks Out - Towards an Ecological Society